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Looking for a team

Post by ghostcoastlegend » Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:07 pm

Fellow players/Managers--Larry Hansen here, I'm posting this on October 4th. I live in Area 4 (6 months in Leesburg and 6 months in Ormond Beach) and would like to affiliate with a 70's or 74's team. I'm currently 73 (October 2) and will be eligible for the 74 Division after the turn of the year. I'm a permanent FL resident and have played in various Lake and Flager County Leagues over the past 7 years. I play more like a 65 (I'm told)..have a strong arm, play smart, understand the game, and have a decent bat...mostly singles/doubles..altho I can launch it and go opposite field when needed. I've played all positions (infield and outfield), however I'm most comfortable in the infield...as (in this order - Rover, 2nd, 1st, 3rd.) My ability to throw strong allows me to make throws from 'cut off' and to turn double plays. I also can handle outfield positions, but have a 'hitch in my get along' (speed) as I'm rehabing a slight meniscus tear I'm told not bad enough for surgery). I can run (out field and bases), but aren't setting speed records. Normally, when I reach 2nd, I call for a pinch runner as I wouldn't score on a single. I currently have a FHC card, but have not been affiliated with a team in the past. Like all players, I like being involved, however am not looking to displacing current team members. I'd like to get on a roster that would provide a fair opportunity to play. I'm also OK with being on a 'subs' list until openings occur. Contact me if you have any possibilities/openings on your team. My cell is 352-459-7075 and my email addrress is ghostcoastlegends@gmail.com. Thanks to all, Larry H.

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